HYD LLC. is marketing and distributing several products with decreased deuterium content in food and medicinal product categories.  For human consumption Preventa
®  deuterium-depleted carbonated drinking water brand is available with different D-contents. Considering  the D concentration of natural waters (140-150 ppm at our latitude), Preventa® products’ deuterium concentration varies between 125 and 65 ppm as it is indicated on the label. It is made of carbonated natural mineral water, deuterium depleted water and carbon dioxide. Preventa® brand is owned by HYD LLC.



VETERA-DDW-25® is medicinal product for veterinary use for tvetera-ddw-25.jpghe adjuvant therapy of neoplastic diseases of  household pets. The drug was registered in 1999. The active agent is deuterium-depleted water (DDW 25 ppm D). Vetera-DDW-25®  is mostly applied to dogs and cats suffering from cancer.

Vetera is produced in co-operation with Pharmamagist Ltd., a Budapest-based drug manufacturing company (“Pharmamagist”).



Several editions of the book „Defeating cancer!” written by Gábor Somlyai PhD are available in different languages and can be ordered from the Hungarian and foreign publishers.