Deuterium depleted products


Discovery of the submolecular regulatory mechanism based on changing hydrogen/deuterium proportions can cause profound changes in the pharma and food industries of the future. HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development, and its mother company HYD Pharma, are worldwide leaders in the field of research and product development.

Based on its international patents, HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development developed and obtained registration for products with reduced deuterium content in the categories of food and health products.

The veterinary anti-tumor preparation Vetera-DDW-25 is the world’s first medicine with deuterium-depleted water as active agent, and is applied as adjuvant treatment in tumorous small animals. Vetera-DDW-25 was registered as a prescription anti-tumor medicine A.U.V. by the Department of Animal Health of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development (Reg. No.: 13/99 FVM). Registration was renewed in 2010 by the Central Agricultural Office Directorate of Veterinary Medicinal Products (Reg. No. 084/1/2011 MgSzH ÁTI), since then the product is available over the counter. Vetera-DDW-25 can be purchased in the shop of HYD LLC, in veterinary pharmacies, and in pharmacies stocking veterinary products. (More information:

HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development offers DDW-25, sterile distilled water with 25 ppm deuterium content, to universities and research institutes.

Manufacturers of laboratory chemicals sell DDW at high prices (e.g., water of 1 ppm deuterium content at 500,000 HUF/liter). This makes investigations with DDW a costly undertaking and impedes research on the biological and physiological role of deuterium. HYD LLC wishes to promote research in this field in Hungary and abroad, and provides DDW 25, its product for research purposes, at a moderate price.

HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development, on the basis of its international patent, developed and obtained license for a product family in the category food which has been on the market since 1999. To the family belong drinking water products with deuterium content of 125 to 25 ppm, that is, lower than the natural level. The products, on sale in the shop of HYD LLC as well as in pharmacies and shops selling health products, appeared up to now in over 50 countries.

Food products with reduced deuterium content are no medicines. No healing effect shall be ascribed to them according to valid regulations.

The book by Dr. Gábor Somlyai, Defeating Cancer – the Biological Effect of Deuterium Depletion, is also found among the products of HYD LLC. The book summarizes the causes of cancer development in laymen’s terms. In the section for professionals (doctors, scientists), it describes the results of research and clinical tests running since 1990, and the mechanism of action of the treatment based on deuterium depletion. The book has been published, beyond Hungarian, also in English, Romanian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages.

The second book by Dr. Gábor Somlyai, entitled „Deutériummegvonás – Új lehetőség a rákgyógyításban és az egészségmegőrzésben” (Deuterium Depletion – A New Way in Cancer Therapy and Health Preservation) is also found among the products of HYD LLC. The book uses a radically different approach, based on the latest scientific achievements, to introduce this disease group taking a yearly global death toll of about 8.5 million, and to present the process of cancer development and its background, and the scientific foundations of a novel way of efficient therapy.