Director’s Greetings

In the name of my colleagues and myself I greet you very cordially on the home page of HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development. Here you will find up-to-date information on the history of the Company, on our scientific and clinical research activity, on our results, products, news, and future-oriented plans.

HYD LLC has done pioneering work in the field of research on deuterium depletion and of developments based on that, and retained its leading position in the past decades. Its innovative activity laid the fundaments of a novel pharma and food industry. Clarifying the details of the regulatory mechanism based on changing proportions of the hydrogen–deuterium isotope pair offers a way to direct intervention into cellular processes by altering the said proportion by means of nature identical molecules. The drug development strategy based on deuterium depletion, initiated by us in the early ‘90s, has become by now accepted direction of research and has been integrated in the curricula at the most renowned American universities, and our results are being cited worldwide.

A potential drug candidate must undergo a complex, strictly regulated and costly procedure, lasting 15-20 years, before, following clinical trials proving its tolerability and efficiency, it is registered. The Hungarian drug development built on the principle of deuterium depletion has reached an important milestone of this procedure when HYD Pharma Co, mother company of HYD LLC realized, uniquely in the world, a pharmacological industrial investment thanks to which water with reduced deuterium content can be produced for the clinical tests in conformity with international standards pharmacological industry. Drug development based on deuterium depletion may get an important role in present-day drug research, and in medical science of the future. The scientific model harmonizes the results of modern science in the last decades with pure biochemical research of nearly hundred years in a unique way, opening the way to more successful treatment off first of all malignant and metabolic diseases. As a result of the development, HYD Pharma Co, mother company of HYD LLC can present a drug on the domestic and international market that brings major financial benefits to the company and to the country. Application of the drugs based on deuterium depletion may bring about substantial decrease in cancer mortality while further product development may also open a way to a breakthrough in the prevention of tumorous diseases.

Another paramount task for HYD LLC, being world-first in the research of deuterium depletion, is to provide trustworthy information on its scientific activity and the latest achievements. We hope that our renewed homepage will serve this purpose efficiently.

HYD Group is proud of being at the leading edge of research and drug development at the submolecular level, of being a research and drug development company based on Hungarian discoveries and innovation. Our main aim is to serve the more efficient curation and prevention of diseases, and the improvement of quality of life, by novel products based on new scientific achievements.

Yours sincerely:

Gábor Somlyai