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Breast cancer - HYD

The impact of DDW, on breast cancer patients was evaluated in a retrospective study. Among the 232 patients, involved between February 1993 and April 2011, 158 had early stage breast tumor at the beginning of DDW consumption, and 74 had progressed stage tumor with distant metastasis. In the early stage breast cancer patients involved, median survival time was 217 months (18.1 years). In the subgroup where the patients started to drink DDW after the conventional therapy, in tumor-free state (in complete remission), extraordinarily good results could be achieved: median survival time was impossible to calculate because of the very low death rate during the follow-up period. In cases where the patient repeated DDW cure at least once, median survival was 293 months (24.4 years) which underlines that repeated lowering of deuterium level may play an important role also in prevention of relapse or metastasing.

In a separate study, the effect of DDW on the survival in a patient group with distant metastatic breast cancer was analyzed.

Data of 74 female patients between January 1993 and May 2005 were evaluated. All but 6 of the 74 patients had previously undergone intensive and repeated conventional therapy and their expected survival time at the beginning of the study was merely a few months. In the 74 evaluated patients 135 distant metastases were diagnosed before DDW treatment. DDW was applied in parallel with conventional cancer therapy in a supplementary manner, and the total daily water intake of the patients was covered by DDW. Simultaneous DDW and conventional treatment resulted in complete or partial reduction, or stagnation, of the tumor volume in 74.3% of the 74 patients evaluated. Median survival time from the diagnosis of the distant metastasis was 47.7 months, in contrast to 20-22 months found in literature sources. Likelihood of two-year survival of patients with distant metastases, consuming DDW simultaneously with conventional therapies, was 77.8%, while that of patients receiving only conventional therapies was 20%.


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