DDW 25 for Research Purposes

Deuterium (D) is a naturally occurring stable – non-radioactive – variation of hydrogen. The atomic nucleus of deuterium contains one proton, like that of hydrogen (that is why deuterium is also a kind of hydrogen) but also one neutron with the same mass as a proton. The atomic mass of deuterium is twofold of that of hydrogen, and this 100% mass difference causes significant differences between the physical and chemical properties of hydrogen and deuterium.

HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development offers the sterile distilled water with 25 ppm deuterium content to universities and research institutes. Manufacturers of laboratory chemicals sell DDW at high prices (e.g., water of 1 ppm deuterium content at 1,500 EUR/L). This makes investigations with DDW a costly undertaking and impedes research on the biological and physiological role of deuterium. HYD LLC wishes to promote research in this field in Hungary and abroad, and provides DDW 25, its product for research purposes, at a moderate price.

Strategic exchange of deuterium to hydrogen in water and in organic molecules, therapeutic application of DDW, provides new ways of prevention and curation primarily of tumorous and metabolic diseases. Beyond that, connection of deuterium content of drinking water and depression has been studied, positive effect of deuterium depletion on long-term memory has been proven, and the beneficial sport physiological and anti-aging effect of deuterium depletion has also been published.

At HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development, research and drug development related to deuterium depletion has been going on since 1995. They were world-first to investigate the biological role and physiological importance of naturally occurring deuterium (heavy hydrogen). Deuterium is found in nature apparently in low amounts but has an important role as shown by the 25 years of research. The biologist Dr. Gábor Somlyai was the first in the early 90’s to publish the research results which brought deuterium, as an important factor in the regulation of cell division, in the focus of interest. Scientists in Hungary and other countries, from the USA to China, joined the research work during the years and so investigation of deuterium depletion has become by now an international activity.

DDW 25 for Research Purposes can be ordered by email sent to the central address (info@hyd.hu) of HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development.

Water, deuterium-depleted, PubChem SID: 24851683
1000 mL, 25 ppm ± 2 ppm D, 53 mg/L HDO. Sterile distilled Water.

DDW 25 for Research Purposes - HYD