HYD LLC is participant in the EU co-financed project Aqua-Synapse.

HYD LLC is participant in the EU co-financed project Aqua-Synapse.

The European Research Executive Agency subsidies the commencing research program Aqua-Synapse with 763,600 EUR. The program aims to examine the effects of deuterium-depleted water on brain functions and neural networks, and the connections of these with depression, metabolic diseases, obesity, and aging. HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development, as member of the European consortium, participates in the program in which Oxford University also plays a major role.


The aim of the international consortium for implementation of the program, starting in January 2023, is to reveal the exact mechanism of the biochemical, genetic and physiological processes evoked by deuterium-depleted water by target-oriented research based on the available results of research on deuterium depletion, and to determine the optimal deuterium concentration for the organism regarding health preservation. Other participants of the project, besides HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development, are the Lusofona University and the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Lisbon, the Würzburg University Hospital, and the Dutch biotechnology company Neuroplast B.V.. Laboratory capacity and research equipment will be provided for the participating institutions and scientists by the Oxford University, so they can investigate metabolic processes of neurons by a top-level imaging technology based nuclear magnetic resonance of deuterium, also used by the Departments of Pharmacology, Chemistry, and Physiology of the said university.


The biologist Dr. Gábor Somlyai, and HYD LLC (celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023) did pioneering work in investigation of the biological and physiological role of naturally occurring heavy hydrogen or deuterium. The financing awarded by the Research Executive Agency also shows the medical importance of the process based on deuterium depletion. HYD LLC is going to continue the antitumor research and drug development based on deuterium depletion. A human clinical study involving lung cancer patients is planned, to which further EU subsidies will be applied for.


Details of the Aqua-Synapse project are available at: