25 years of HYD

HYD LLC for Cancer Research and Drug Development is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018. Since 1993, the company has been pioneering in research and drug development related to deuterium depletion, and was worldwide the first to investigate the biological role and physiological importance of naturally occurring deuterium. The company’s mission is to develop and register novel pharmaceutical and consumers products primarily for the treatment and prevention of tumorous diseases, and to open up new ways of application of the method in further ranges of indication.

In 1995, HYD LLC presented its first deuterium-depleted product, Vitaqua deuterium-depleted drinking water. The world’s first deuterium-depleted antitumor medicine, Vetera-DDW-25® for veterinary application, was registered in Hungary in 1999. In 2000 the company brought the product group Preventa®, with renewed composition, to the market. Recently HYD LLC appeared with its developments on the international arena. The patented method of deuterium depletion and its therapeutic application is more and more known and acknowledged worldwide, and research has been started in academic institutions and oncological centres in several countries (USA, Japan, Russia, China, Romania, Iran). The deuterium-depleted products of HYD have reached more than 50 countries.

The milestones of HYD’s history, and its major achievements, prizes and acknowledgements, are as follows:

1995 – HYD LLC started its first human phase II clinical investigation on patients with prostate cancer.

1996 – The patent of HYD won a price at the patent exhibition Genius ’96.

1998 – The patent of HYD won a price at the patent exhibition Genius First Inventors’ Olympic Games.

2002 – HYD LLC was rewarded as the 9th fastest developing company of the Central and East European Region in the competition announced by Deloitte & Touche international auditor company. In the region comprising Europe, Middle East and Africa, HYD had the 40th place. The price was delivered to the leaders of the first 500 companies in November 2002 in London.

2003 – HYD LLC had the opportunity to introduce itself on EuroNews TV, the program was broadcast in five languages.

2005 – Preventa® deuterium-depleted drinking water, developed by HYD, won he first prize at the international innovation contest “New Foods”. The jury especially emphasized the importance of the research and the products based on deuterium-depleted water in health preservation.

2009 – In October 2009, HYD LLC opened its first store in Budapest. Beyond selling Preventa® product family, the place is home of high-level professional events.

2010 – HYD organized the First International Symposium on Deuterium Depletion in Budapest. Leading scientists of four countries (Hungary, USA, Russia, Iran) presented their results on research and various applications of deuterium depletion. The aim of the two-day symposium was to present the results of research on deuterium depletion, and to determine the present and future place and role of the procedure in anticancer research and therapy, and in research on diabetes and aging.

2011 – HYD LLC opened its second store in BAH Center Office Building in Budapest.

2012 – At the Second International Congress on Deuterium Depletion, organized by HYD, scientists of seven countries (USA, France, China, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Hungary) presented their results on research and practical application of deuterium depletion.

2012 – Primus Capital closed a HUF 400 Million HUF investment in HYD Pharma Ltd. The investment is being used for validation of research results, and for implementation of a new human phase II clinical test.

2014 – The Preventa brand and product design was renewed, the new product line and the latest packaging materials met the highest consumer expectations. The product line has been marketed in a unique bottle with self-adhesive foil label, and the distinction between different deuterium-based Preventa products was enhanced by the unique color coding features of the product family.

2015 – The 3rd International Congress on Deuterium Depletion was held in May 2015 in Budapest, Hungary. At the conference leading scientists from seven countries (USA, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, Hungary) presented and discussed current advances in the research and various application of deuterium depletion.

Following a successful audition by the Hungarian National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition in May, 2015, Trigon Biotechnology Inc., strategic partner of the mother company of HYD LLC, HYD Pharma Inc., has received new GMP compliance certificates for the deuterium-depleted water (DDW) producing facility of HYD Pharma.

DDW as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient was also registered at the European Medicine Agency (EMA) and an EudraCT number 2015-003820-30 was issued for the Protocol Code Number HYD-HD85/45-CLL-02.

2016 – HYD Pharma Inc. was granted ethical approval by the State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC) in Slovakia for Phase 2 as one-of-the-first clinical trials to prove the anticancer effect of deuterium-depleted water (DDW) in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

In 2016, Preventa® deuterium-depleted drinking water product line was awarded with the MagyarBrands honorable award in the Outstanding Consumer Brand category.