Lung Tumor


lung-small.jpgIn spite of the development in the therapies, the survival time of lung cancer patients is still remained unsatisfactorily short. Finding new adjuvant strategies is therefore in the focus of cancer therapy.


DDW, applied as supportive therapy, extended the survival of lung cancer patients through the suppression of cancer-related genes [In vivo (2000) 14:437-440].


The effect of DDW on the disease and the survival was evaluated in a retrospective study. In lung cancer the MST increased to 22.5 months instead as a consequence of DDW-treatment (without DDW it was of 8 months). In certain cases, several years of survival or complete resmission (CR) was observed instead of the few months mentioned above. Case history of 4 lung cancer patients with brain metastasis was reported in Integrative Cancer Therapies.




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