Breast Tumor


breast.jpgThe impact of DDW consumption, in addition to conventional forms of treatment on the survival of metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patients was evaluated in a retrospective study. The records of 74 women suffering from MBC were retrospectively evaluated for the period between January 1993 and May 2005. All but 6 of the 74 patients had previously undergone intensive and repeated conventional therapy and had limited expectations on survival time.


In the 74 evaluated patients 135 distant metastases were diagnosed before DDW treatment. Conventional cancer therapy was supplemented with per os DDW treatment; in which the total daily water intake of the patients was replaced by DDW. DDW and simultaneous conventional treatment elicited complete response, or halted tumor growth, in 74.3% of the 74 MBC patients. Median survival time (MST) from the diagnosis of the distant metastasis was 47.7 months, the probability for 1-, 2-, 5-, and 8-year-long survivals were 93.7%, 77.8%, 33.4%, and 9.1%, respectively.


The subgroup of patients achieving complete (CR), or partial response (PR) had MST of 63 and 50 months, respectively, while the subgroups  showing  no change (NC) or progression of disease (PD) reached a MST of 35 and 31 months respectively.


Frequency of CR and PR was significantly higher in patients consuming DDW at a higher dose. 


Application of DDW simultaneously with the conventional forms of treatment remarkably prolonged MST. In patients who were in remission when they started to consume DDW, the usual relapse rate of 50% decreased to 22%.



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