Human Investigations


Prospective, randomized Phase 2 clinical trial

A prospective, randomized Phase 2 clinical trial performed according to GCP showed statistically significant reduction in the prostate volume and significantly lower mortality in DDW-treated patients, compared to placebo treated ones, indicating the antitumor effect of DDW.


Retrospective (follow-up) studies

The course of the disease was retrospectively evaluated in almost 1,300 patients consuming DDW for longer than 90 days, parallel with the conventional forms of treatments.

  • Evaluation of breast cancer patients

A retrospective study was conducted in metastatic breast cancer patients (Stage IV) to evaluate the effect of deuterium depletion on survival. DDW therapy and conventional treatment were simultaneously administered. The probability of surviving for 2 years after the diagnosis of Stage IV was 77.8% (with only conventional therapy: 20%) and the MST increased up to 47.7 months instead of 22. In patients who were in remission when they started to consume DDW, relapse rate decreased to 22% instead of the expectable 50%. 

  • Evaluation of lung cancer patients

In this retrospective study the combined treatment resulted in remarkably longer survival time (22.5 months instead of 8, data from 129 lung cancer patients).


  • Evaluation of pancreatic cancer patients

In the retrospective clinical study, the survival of pancreas tumor patients was increased 6.5 times – from 6 to 39 months – by supplemental application of deuterium depletion, if DDW treatment was started within 60 days after diagnosis (n=18). In those patients (n=14) who were involved in the study more than 60 days after diagnosis, MST was 16 months.