Indication Fields


A significant fraction of the human body is water. Considering the water content of living organisms and the D2O concentration of natural waters (0.015 atom % which is equivalent to 150 ppm), deuterium concentration of living organisms is about 12-14 mmol/L. It is present in 5 to 10 times higher concentration than other elements of recognized vital importance, such as calcium or magnesium.


The possible role of naturally occurring D in living organisms had not been investigated for 60 years after its discovery, despite the fact that deuterium is present in living organisms in such a high concentration. Gábor Somlyai PhD, Hungarian molecular biologist was the first to start investigations of the biological importance of naturally occuring deuterium in the early '90s.  Through the new innovation which recognized the biological importance of naturally occuring deuterium, it became evident that the shortage of deuterium causes significant changes in certain cell processes.


Over the past decades, research demonstrated the prominent role of naturally occurring D in the regulation of the biochemical processes. The preclinical and clinical observations have confirmed the beneficial effect of deuterium depletion in case of two important indication fields: cancer and diabetes.


In addition, deuterium depletion can improve the general condition of healthy people. Investigating the effect of DDW on the physical condition and performance of athletes, confirmed that performance and stamina improved, and that DDW assisted quick recovery after physical exertion.  Other researchers published the radioprotective and immunostimulatory effects of DDW.